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We recently had the opportunity to restore a set of stunning century-old lanterns that had mostly endured the test of time but required some TLC to bring them back to their former glory.


Upon disassembling the lanterns, we assessed each part, determining which components could be restored and which ones needed to be replaced. Fortunately, the bones of the lanterns remained structurally sound, allowing us to focus on the revival of the details.


To preserve the current state of the lanterns, we thoroughly cleaned the main structures and applied a protective coat of wax. However, many of the delicate features had become brittle over time, necessitating their careful recreation. We remade the rosettes using brass, meticulously adding finishes and stains to blend them back into the overall design. The upper decorative trim was replaced by twisting brass flat stock, tailoring each piece to work alongside the originals.


One of the notable challenges we encountered was with the top dome-shaped hood of the lanterns. The originals were cracked and irreparable and in order to replace them, we collaborated with a metal spinner to get new copper hemispheres. Once we received those pieces, we shaped the bases into their distinctive hexagonal form using punches, mallets, and wooden forms, ensuring their integrity throughout the process.


With the exterior work completed, we turned our attention to the shade panels and electrical components. The shade panels were crafted from precision-cut acrylic, offering both durability and a comforting warm glow. Additionally, we replaced the corroded and damaged sockets with new, reliable components. Finally, the restored lanterns underwent testing and received UL certification, meeting our trusted safety standards while preserving their original classic charm.


These rejuvenated lanterns now stand as timeless pieces, seamlessly blending their rich history with modern functionality. We take pride in breathing new life into these treasured artifacts, honoring their legacy while providing our clients with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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