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PLR is a representation of the balance of opposing forces and the space between.


Positive and negative and the action where the two meet.


A memory of being young and bored. Staring at the beige plastic of an outlet cover and thinking of the power between those two slots, how the large dissecting tweezers that came with a Sears microscope would bridge that space perfectly.

The arc was bright and startlingly loud. Stephen realized, looking at the scorched outlet, that putting some plasticene between his fingers and the ruined tweezers was the only smart part of a dumb idea.

A drawer full of old French candle sockets stripped from antique chandeliers. Conductive brass screwed into simple non-conductive wooden spindles. The idea of a chandelier in a classical arrangement that, like those sockets, makes plain the path of the current and role of insulating materials.

Ceramic salamander beads over individual current carrying wire describing the path of power to the sockets, where positive and negative meet.

An open center balanced by a weighted bottom, shades that describe the spark. The shape of those curved tweezers made it in there, too.

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