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OUR Services

Light Fixture Prototyping


We derive satisfaction in developing manufacturing strategies that lead to trouble-free production with consistent high-quality results. We collaborate closely with clients on all aspects of design to arrive at the most practical fabrication methods for a given project/budget while striving to achieve a client’s vision. 


UL Listing

UL is something that both customers and subscribers, like us, are forced to navigate. It can be a tricky process, but we have the experience and know-how to make sure your fixture is covered. 



We are very experienced at this work; Silver soldering, welding, patina matching, part and component replacement, French-wiring and all manner of physical repair, including fabrication of missing components, retrofitting.  Combined decades of experience and a familiarity with many styles, types and eras of lighting.



A desire for predictable and reliable outcomes means that we try to bring processes in-house whenever feasible. Current shop capabilities include, welding, forming, brazing, sand casting, CNC machining, milling and lathe operations. We can also do glass slumping, glass casting, ceramics and porcelain, fabric and washi shade-making and woodworking.



When designing, we place emphasis on functionality, quality, serviceability, and honesty in the items that we develop. We try to find the most direct route to solving issues, preferring judicious editing to wasted or complicated gestures.

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