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Control is comforting. Acceptance is key.

Looking for new materials to light, Stephen explores slip-cast porcelain, making plaster molds from forms of poured wax. A simple disc with a geologic face, intended as a translucence test, is utterly transfixing when front-lit, suggesting other worlds. Escape in a metamorphic reflector.

Isolated, Jesse cleans the CNC mill of brass chips and adds them to a growing collection that is too small to interest large recyclers and too messy for smaller recyclers. If you want something done, right? An ingot poured from scrap and then machined is the coolest thing he has made in months.

CNC machining and unrestrained casting.

Matter changing states.

Simple shapes and unmappable terrains.

IGT is an unplanned collaboration of minds that just might be going through something.

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